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Carpet offers versatility for use in any room of the home.  Available if an infinite range of colours, styles and levels of luxury – we have something to suit everyone’s interior tastes.

Providing a tactile surface for playing, sitting and walking, it has brilliant sound absorbency qualities compared with other flooring types and reduces heat loss more effectively.  Choosing a new carpet requires consideration of the room it’s for, how much footfall will it get and what your budget is?

Let KD Carpets advise you on the best carpet for your specific requirements, taking into account the different styles, weights and material composition.

Often forgotten is the importance of underlay. Choosing the right underlay can dramatically prolong the life of your carpet. Providing not only that cushiony softness underfoot, it reduces noise and increases heat retention.  Always invest in the best underlay you can afford within your budget to keep your carpet looking it’s best for longer. 

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Loop pile carpet is likely the oldest style of carpet. Made from uncut loops of yarn it creates a low, tightly woven carpet with a firmer feel underfoot.  Known for its hard wearing, practical properties this is a perfect carpet for high traffic areas. It’s colouration helps to hide any marks and doesn’t show tracking as much as other carpet styles.  


Twist pile carpets are often coarser to the touch due to the twisted nature of the fibres. This creates a more textured and rustic appearance. Made from either natural or man-made fibres, these carpets are extremely hard-wearing.  They come in either a plain twist with a single colour finish or heather twist which combines varying shades of one colour for a rich, decadent multi-tonal appearance.


Step into luxury with a wool carpet. Wool feels sumptuous underfoot, is a natural insulator and essentially is fire-retardant!  Plus it’s easy to clean and bounces right back, making it a durable investment for years to come.

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